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Why you should understand calories and energy?

When it comes to talking about calories, many people say: "I'm no body builder, that's not my concern."

But the truth is, everybody can benefit from understanding what calories are and how they impact our well being.

By consuming calories, we fuel our bodies to be able to carry out our daily activities and internal body functions. As we all know, no human being would survive without food, therefore it is vital for us to be consuming the right amount of energy every day.

However just consuming any food is not going to cut it, what matters as well is what calories we actually get: "good" or "bad" and I am not talking about their attitude. Main difference is that the good calories are full of much needed nutrients and gives us solid energy source whereas the bad ones are the complete opposite with minimal amount of nutrients and mostly packing "empty calories" which are basically useless when talking about health and well being. These are a very few examples:

Good kcal: Wholegrain products, fruits, meat products, vegetables, legumes, nuts, milk products and healthy oils

Empty kcal: Fast food, candy, sweetened drinks, snacks, high in fat products, highly processed food (packed quick meals)

Another important thing to know is the amount of calories you should be consuming daily, even if you are eating healthy nutritious meals. Over-eating the necessary amount will directly result in weight gain, because body stores the unnecessary calories in the form of fat.

If you wish to find out the exact number of calories you should consume to either maintain your weight or even start losing it gradually, you can use a simple internet tools such as calorie calculator which you can find here:

For those who don't want to be tied to numbers and charts, there is a different way to control calories, which brings us back to consuming "good" caloric food and simply looking into portion control and starting to lead more active lifestyle.

At the end of the day, there is no need to make it complicated for yourself, food is supposed to fuel us and it is only up to us how we do it and weather it will impact our bodies in a good or a bad way. But if you want to start creating small changes and want to feel confident about your daily nutrition, understanding calories and food and all that comes with it will only help you along the way.

Wish to know more? Get your free copy of my "Ulitmate nutrition guide" ,pop me a message on Instagram @viktorijafitness to request!

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