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5 tips to feeling good about your body this Summer

This happens every year. Few months before the Summer season hits, internet becomes a full blown marketing game on "Summer Shred" "Summer abs" "Bikini body" "Sexy Bod Summer" and any other nonsense... I mean, the other day, I even saw an add that marketed against a healthy diet and exercising and pushed on "Anti-cellulite clay" to be ready "just in time for the Summer" and get rid of those cellulite marks!

It enrages me every year, as I know first hand how insecure we get sometimes and the last thing we need is such a huge pressure to look a certain way when all we really want, is to enjoy the best Summers of our lives. And you know what, you do not have to suffer or kill yourself with diet, gym or financially, buying products that do not make a difference. It is time to change the narrative. Time to let go, and for me personally, this is how I deal with that pre-summer madness.

Tip #1 - Focus on how amazing your body is and how much it does for you already

It sounds like a cliché! However, when you really think about it. We train hard, we work really hard every day, we live through periods and hormone imbalances and the biggest job of all, we are the only ones that will or are or have ever carried another human being! Our bodies are absolutely incredible and you should never ever forget that! So when those negative thoughts come your way, just remind yourself of this and enjoy the rest of your day!

Tip #2 - Say a big NO to comparison

Do you notice yourself scrolling through social media and constantly comparing your looks to somebody else? Well, my top tip is to unfollow/delete any and all accounts that bring you negative thoughts and feelings. We sometimes get so invested into social media that we forget what truly matters, so the easiest way to distance yourself from it, is to simply remove the negative stimulation.

"Your body is your home, your vessel in life. It needs to be respected and loved" – Iskra Lawrence

Tip #3 - Focus your training to feeling good and performing better instead of obsessing on looks

This tip is a HUGE one for me. Yes I am a Personal Trainer and yes, most would say I look well and I train and eat well and whatever other misconceptions we have about people in the fitness industry. But to be completely honest with you, I have never felt better about my body than having the best strength and performance capabilities. Hitting PB's and learning new skills has been a game changer in loving my body the way it is.

Tip #4 - Your circle of people is there to support you

We are influenced not only by what we see on social media but also by the people you are surrounded with. So ask yourself this, do your friends or family ever make remarks about your body that upset you? I'm sorry to say this, but you either need to distance yourself from those people or dead on tell them how their opinion is making you feel and unless they change their tune, you cannot be around them anymore. Your circle is there to uplift you, not bring you down!

Tip #5 - Practice to be kind to yourself

All of the tips above lead to one final habit - be kinder to yourself. With your words, your thoughts and actions towards your own body. Instead of picking at your own body in front of the mirror, practice on noticing the beauty of it, the strength and the capabilities that your body has. Tell yourself compliments, wear clothes that make you feel great about yourself and for once, stop hiding..

You see, self love and self acceptance can be hard sometimes. And yes, we all struggle with it at some point in our lives, however, that doesn't mean that you need to give in to the negativity from the media and those around you. Your body is amazing and you owe it to yourself to realise just how beautiful you really are.

That being said, I will ask you for one thing and one thing only - take it one day at a time and be patient with yourself, self love takes time, but it is definitely worth your wile

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