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Stop excusing yourself.

A very different blog today.

To some it will touch a nerve, to some it might seem arrogant or some will want to dismiss it altogether because let's face it, none of us like to be pulled on our flaws or hear the things that we have been pushing away for so long.

I'm talking about excuses. In fitness and in our lives.

Let's not pretend that we have never used or created a silly excuse when we didn't necessarily want to do something, even when that something would have been for our own benefit.

"I didn't wake up early to train, because I was tired" yet every night you waste 2-3h scrolling on your phone or watching Netflix instead of going to bed on time.

"It's raining so I cannot go outside for a walk.." But do we not own boots, raincoats and umbrellas that are designed for outdoor time in the rain? Or are you not able to do a quick home workout as you then spend hours on your couch instead?

"I just grabbed some cookies and buns from the shop for lunch because I didn't have time to cook." But don't shops have options to combine a nice and healthy meal in just a few seconds when you really do not have the time (for ex. grab salad bowl, chicken strips and some fruits for snack).

"I cannot lose weight no matter what I do". When you keep creating excuses to not eat healthier nor be more active and move more generally.

All of that looks like creating excuses to me. An yes, "creating" is the only way I could ever describe it. Because people search for reasons why they cannot do something instead of just going for it in full force, those reasons are not really there, but they can always be placed where we need them to be in order to justify ourselves and not feel any guilt for it.

CREATING EXCUSES is the #1 reason why you failed before and probably will fail again if you don't change this pattern

Now would be the time when somebody would jump in and say: "You can't say that everyone creates excuses, some people really do have bigger life issues that get in the way of their goals!"

And yes there are some that do, of course!

Funnily enough though, the people who do get given a bad hand in life, rarely ever use it as an excuse at all, more people than not use those situation to their benefit than let it stop them. Yet those who are quick to excuse themselves will always use somebody else's potential circumstances as their own excuse anyway! Enraging! Right?

Some of you might not reach this point of this blog by now, and that is understandable. Like I said before, not everyone will accept this particular human flaw and most will want to still ignore it as if they have not used excuses for anything in life.

But if you are still here, congratulations, you are taking the first step to facing this nasty habit dead on and hopefully changing it for good.

But first, you need to unravel why do you start creating excuses for something that you yourself wanted to do or achieve in the first place? Why is it so difficult for you to make a decision and pursue it without any bs?

In my line of work I only came to this conclusion: When we realize that our goal requires more effort or more time than we initially thought it would need, our lack of discipline and lack of ambition pushes us to start looking for a "way out" without admitting that we are not ready for that goal.

So instead of acknowledging that, we mask it with new found excuses that makes us feel like "The World Didn't Let Me Do It". Is that the case for you?

If you can admit that and say YES, then the the next step is simple, just stop making excuses, or stop pretending that you want something. Because if you do, just decide to go for it and make every day your highest purpose and priority to make sure that you do all you can in order to achieve it.

If you cannot admit that and say NO, you will have more work to do. You need to then unravel all the reasons why you think you are unable to reach something you want right now. Make a list, a chart, pros and cons or whatever else, but lay it down on paper. You will need to see it in front of your eyes to really understand it. When you have all those reasons put down, look at each one and ask yourself "Can this be fixed with a different attitude?" "Can I physically do that today?" and cross them out if they fit either or both of these questions. By the time you reach the last "reason" you will now see that majority of those you actually can fix with either attitude or by taking action and in most cases, there will be no "REAL" excuses left.

Either way, you will finally be able to drop the bs and move forward. Leave that self pity and self-sabotage behind and start actually doing the things that matter to you without trying to find a short cut or a magic route because there is none. The only magic you will find is the one that you have in you and you will see it when your mindset changes about how you should create opportunities instead of excuses.

Share your thoughts on this in the comment section. What is your stand point on this subject? Do you think we tend to create more excuses than we should? Tell me your story about changing your mindset towards it!

Or check out my previous blog about MOTIVATION and how to work on that as you move along the path of success!

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With care,


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