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How does training boost self-confidence?

Have you ever wondered why people who are active and exercise regularly, not only look better, but live better too? And it's not just the obvious health benefits. People who have discovered the secret formula for staying active and youthful seem to have no problem dealing with everyday problems too. It's as if the world is going their way just because they look like people who have stepped off the cover of a magazine. But this is not a mystery, just a very simple law: our health and emotional well-being is directly linked to the promotion and development of self-confidence. So you too can become and feel a true Goddess, as much on the outside as on the inside!

Let's face it, we all want to feel good in our own shoes and have great success in our personal lives as well as in our work and everything else. Self-confidence is an integral part of success and training can bring unparalleled results in achieving this, so where do we start and how does it work?

Strong body - happy soul!

Think back to the days when you do nothing but sit in front of the TV or with your nose in your phone. When we are so switched off from the life around us and all we do is walk to the fridge and cram more unnecessary food into our bodies. Does that give you confidence? Does spending time like that, makes you feel like you can move mountains? In simple words, lazy invites laziness and negative emotions and activity invites energy and positivity!

A game of hormones!

Our body is constantly surging with many different hormones, but today we will look into two that are most important to us: those that are activated when we are nervous (cortisol) and those that are activated when we are happy and relaxed ( endorphins). Exercise is one of the fastest and most effective ways to help our bodies release more endorphins and reduce cortisol levels. The so-called elated state after sport or activity is again, not a mystery. Imagine how good you can feel day after day just by doing at least 20 minutes of exercising! With good emotions, you will spend less and less time on negative things and thoughts and you will slowly start to see yourself and your life in a different light!

What Super-Woman doesn't feel confident?

Yes yes, exercising makes us physically stronger and through physical strength we also gain a crazy amount of confidence. When we are no longer struggling with daily physical demands and can climb the stairs of our staircase with ease, when we can play with our children without feeling like we are 100 years old, when we learn a new exercise that we have not been able to do for a long time, and countless other examples. It seems as if we could move mountains with our own two hands! The stronger and more capable we are, the less we doubt our abilities, the easier our problems become, because we know we can do so much more and we are not afraid to try new things

We make our bodies beautiful and feel like real goddesses again!

The psychological benefits of exercise are crazy, but it's also important to remember that how we look and react to our appearance also affects our self-confidence. Everyone wants to look better. It shouldn't be the main reason we exercise, but when we feel and see the positive changes in our bodies and have the opportunity to put on our favorite skirt and feel super sexy, or maybe just stop being afraid to go to the beach and wear the swimsuit we want, or just stop being judgmental towards ourselves in front of the mirror! A better body image automatically makes us think differently, walk with our heads held high, and not be afraid of criticism from others, because we know how much work we have put in and how great we feel about it!

All these factors and more can be improved with sport and active leisure. And it doesn't take a crazy workout or several hours every day to successfully start building self-confidence, changing negative habits, learning how to move properly and continuously improving both the outside and the inside. The most important thing is to decide and to act, to fight against laziness day after day and not let it take over your body and your mind!

If, after this blog, you still have doubts about whether it is worth investing your energy and time in yourself, answer one simple question:

Are you happy living the way of life that you are living right now?

If you want to become more active and learn how to utilize exercising to improve your health, mood and outlook on your self worth, join me on Instagram!

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