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Healthy habit building, where to start?

Everybody knows that eating healthy and exercising regularly improves your physical and psychological health, but does anyone know how to build the habits that will keep you going for longer than 3 months, before you end up going back to the take away meals and party nights in town?

This will give you a head start to a completely changed lifestyle

Before you get over your head thinking that you will need to stop living your life once again by getting into some crazy new diet or start some crazy fitnes

s regimen, I have great news for you!

It can all be done by starting a few simple yet very important habits:

- Plan your day to get at least 6-8h of sleep every night (by the way, did you know that by going to bed at the same time regularly you will program your mind to fall asleep and wake up at certain hours which means no more tossing and turning for hours at night as well as much easier wake up)

- Drink water regularly to prevent body from dehydration which can lead to so many other issues (headache being the first one followed by digestion and other health issues). On average a person should drink anything above 2l a day, much more if you are an active individual. Don't forget that fruit juice, coffee and other soft drinks are still packing calories so you are far better off drinking natural water infusions.

- Plan your meals ahead. This is the first step to meal prep but not at all as demanding in time and effort, however saves you all those cheeky snacks that you suddenly just grab on your way past some corner shop. If you set yourself what you are going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a few snacks in there (hopefully all healthy options, but even if not) you will be less likely to stray away from the "Plan" if you set your mind to it.

- Don't stress if you have let yourself live a little. There is nothing worse than you punishing yourself on a treadmill or with some nasty diet because you allowed yourself to eat pizza one night or had a birthday party with cake and alcohol. Stress will stop all progress from the second you let it run wild. It raises your cortisol levels which will make you crave for any unhealthy snacks even more and you will end up right where

you began...

And that is as simple as it gets - basic every day habits that can make an amazing impact towards your health that will last a lifetime as well as will help set the right foundation for further creation of the right habits for you. Remember, it is all in your control, so set your mind to it and start with these simple things before we move on to greater changes!

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