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Get that 6-pack ! The truth behind toned abs

Even nowadays there is a big obsession about abs and getting defined abs or a six-pack, or the V cut, or those beautiful lines on your stomach. However, still to this day people don't really know the exact formula for how to get that.

I still find people in the gym or at home killing themselves, doing countless core exercises and going crazy on the amount of repetitions for those exercises in an attempt to create that beautiful stomach, that firm shapely six pack look.

Let me tell you something, let me share a secret about abs:

If you want to see any muscle definition on your belly, you have to lower your body fat percentage as a whole and condition your muscles enough for them to “pop out“.

And I know what you will think now “Oh my God this is going to be impossible and I need to now be like a bodybuilder and I need to “dry” myself up for it” which is completely not true. Any person can reach that low body fat percentage by following a few simple rules:

Create a healthy calorie deficit. If you want to lower your body fat percentage, you must eat in a calorie deficit which means you must consume less food and burn more energy - aka train, go for walks, do additional sessions of cardio, walk to the train station, do quick HIIT workouts, whatever you feel is going to make you move and burn more calories. Don’t let that take you to starvation mode, simply find out your daily need with MyFitnessPal or online calorie calculator and take away 100-200kcal of that.

Consume more protein based food and limit carbohydrates. Especially processed or fast-digesting carbohydrates, because they will increase your insulin level which then will halt the fat burning process in your body.

Try different training approaches. For many people, high intensity interval training has shown the best results in attempts to burn fat and change their body composition. At the same time it is the best time to start resistance training, which helps to improve your muscle quality as well as build muscle and that requires more energy leading to greater calorie burn and change of your body shape (as well as getting those abs ready to come out!).

Stay hydrated. water is one of the main and most overlooked aspects in anybody's lifestyle. Water helps us get rid of toxins in the body, helps us stay hydrated and helps us with fat metabolism. If you are constantly dehydrated you might not feel it directly but it might be a big reason why you are struggling to burn fat and get that definition you are killing yourself for.

Stay patient. You cannot choose which area of your body you are going to lose your fat from first so you need to let your body take enough time to shed fat from all over it, until it goes from the zone you want to define the most.

It takes hard work and dedication to implement all these steps, to eat healthy, to train hard, to stay active on a daily basis and keep adding to your goal which you simply cannot rush.

Only if you are genetically gifted with quick metabolism you will have an easier path, but for everybody else it is a different story.

You have to decide 100% that this is what you want and simply do the work, follow these steps and you do not let your weaknesses take over because trust me, once you give it enough time and effort it'll come and that's when you will know that all of the hard work and dedication was so worth it!

So I just want to let you know that it is absolutely possible for you to reach this goal to have a six pack or nicely shaped abs, at various ages and with various body types and even with different fitness levels. It is simply a matter of time and dedication and if you choose to do this, if you choose to follow all of the steps right, you will get there! So keep your head up babe, refocus yourself and go slay with this goal!

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