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5 goal setting questions to get you on the right track!

Every goal that we want to pursue, starts with a simple idea. We simply decide that we want something, weather that is an item or a particular outcome in our lives.

But the problem with many goals is that nobody really knows how to get them. We want that instant gratification which is not always available.

That's where the goal setting system comes in place. For some it happens very naturally, simply by visualizing task after ask that will get you close to that goal. So without much struggle those people can keep that structure in mind and pursue their goal without much hassle.

But what should you do if you feel that you are in a complete crossroad? You want to get something but you have no idea where to start? Don't worry, goal setting can be made very simple and achievable! To start with, just have to see it as any other task in life. There is a destination and the road leading up to it, with all the things you must do to achieve it.

To find out your beginning point and what you need to learn or do in order to achieve your goal, start by answering these 5 questions for yourself. Take a seat, grab a pen an paper and brainstorm for a minute!

1) Why do you want to achieve this goal? Why is it important to you?

Every goal must have a real value to you, something that will keep you motivated and engaged into pursuing it no matter how long it takes or how difficult it may become at times. Understanding the importance of any goal and reminding yourself why you wanted it in the first place, will guarantee much greater level of motivation that just thinking "I want it". Put a valid reason behind it and let that be your fuel.

2) What do you already know or what skills do you have, that will help you achieve this goal?

List everything that you know and can do already, that will help you with the pursuit of your goal. We all have a vast list of capabilities that we collected in life, and in moments like these it is the best time to put them to practice and take a good look in your personal assets that can get you closer to your goal.

3) What do you think you need to find out, learn or research in order to achieve this goal?

If you already know what skills and knowledge you have, it will be even easier to distinguish what you need to learn or find out too. It will take some research if it is a specific niche that you are going into, but listing all the things you are missing at the moment will be your action plan to start with. Learn what you need to learn or find what you need and it will take you closer to your goal!

4) What do you think will be your biggest struggle in reaching this goal and why?

Not something anybody wants to think about, but it is a must to be brutally honest with yourself and in knowing your weaknesses. Only by knowing what might be your "Stop" buttons you will be able to overcome them and control them better. Struggle is by no means a reason to stop and quit, but if you are not ready for it, it might be exact reason that stops in your track. So familiarize yourself with your weaknesses to understand how you can battle them and dominate them.

5) What or who can help you achieve this goal?

Support and help is literally the last pillar of goal setting and achieving. We all need a good support system to be able to rely on somebody or something to help us through when the going gets tough. It can be your family or friends, professionals that can advice you or guide you in your journey or even strangers who are on their journey for a similar goal. Finding communities online are easier now than ever, so use this as your motivational tool to share your struggles, find information and to even share your joys! Many times people find it difficult to achieve their goals purely because they do not have anybody supporting them or believing in them, so don't fear to reach out to people who might inspire you and bring that positive energy that you need. Never underestimate the power of community :) !

A lot to think about isn't it? Don't worry, there is something magical that happens when you put your thoughts in front of yourself on paper and can actually visualize it. In many ways that takes a lot of pressure from your own mind, but most importantly it shows you all the little steps you now need to take to succeed. So keep those answers close to you or in a place where you can always see it, so you never have to doubt that you might be missing or forgetting something.

Take the confusion out of your next goal setting and start fulfilling your dreams :) !

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