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ViktorijaFitness FAQ

Why choose ViktorijaFitness? 
ViktorijaFitness is not a commercial mass brand, It is a passion project that has been cultivating for years, testing and trialing every detail from program design, progress tracking and accountability promise. 
Viktorija is a PT that has done the work in commercial gyms, online and private studios where she has gained experience in program designing that would be personal, effective and time efficient. Giving great attention to detail and every individual knowing that no human being is the same, so creating something for each is her greatest achievement thus far. 

Who can use the NEW YOU 4 week coaching plan?
This plan is an opportunity for everyone who doesn't yet have a solid routine in their health and fitness as well as are struggling in reaching their goals. You can be completely new to fitness or be a regular gym goer who has new goals and need guidance. Also providing pre-post natal services with fully accredited qualifications to back it up

What happens after you finish 4 week plan?
You either transition onto my monthly coaching program which will have all the same benefits as the NEW YUO does: personalized coaching plan with further progressions, 1-1 support and check-ins by-weekly and daily chat/email support and further coaching on healthy habit development

How do you pay for the services provided by VF?
All payments for the services are provided via bank transfer or PayPal, other options are available, must be discussed in the first consultation after which the payment links will be provided alongside your welcoming pack. 


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