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Hey There!

Lovely to meet you and thank you for showing interest in training with me! My name is Viki (Viktorija) and I am a Personal Trainer and an overall health and fitness lover! I have moved from Lithuania to UK in 2016 and that is exactly the time when fitness has entered my life and changed it forever...

The full story

You see, fitness and coaching has never been in my books before 2016. Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer I was a dancer, packing 20+ years of experience in my biggest passion and my only care in the world was to stay active, strong and flexible to be able to perform and keep up with the incredible talent around me. 


After moving to UK I have realized that I have more to give and I actually have a huge arsenal of knowledge and real practice on how our body moves and responds to movement, as well as on how to be disciplined in physical training, that's where the Personal Training came in. I was ready to share my knowledge and started developing my professional portfolio ever since, accomplishing multiple qualification like L3 Personal Training, Pre/post natal coaching, Exercise for weightloss and many more I am confident in the service that I can provide.

However, somewhere along the line, I have found that as much as coaching is my passion, developing other professionals gives me much greater joy. Knowing that I can impact not only individuals I train, but also other professionals and businesses who would in return, reach even more people and change their lives too, brings me the most excitement when coming to work. 

My attention to detail and high standards of quality and service are my main characteristics that you cannot teach, I have always been a perfectionist (definitely brought by dance career) and I want to share that perfection with the World. 




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