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Are YOU looking for your next Fitness Product Supervisor?

Weather you want to improve your boutique fitness studio standards and member satisfaction or upskill your Fitness Team to deliver outstanding service on and off the gym floor - you are in the right place!


Meet Viki!

Fitness Product Manager in one of the flagship Fitness First clubs in UK.

Additional qualifications:
Level 2 and 3 PT
Exercise to music 
Indoor Cycle
Pre and Post Natal Coach
Mobility coach 

I set out to make a difference. It is never about the role - always about the goal. 

About me

Working in the fitness industry for the past 5 years, I have had a pleasure of experiencing different roles and career pathways of what this field has to offer.

Starting my career as a gym receptionist, then moving onto building a successful freelance personal training business live and online as well as becoming a Fitness Product Manager in one of the flagship Fitness First clubs in UK, I had my fair share of experience and development within the field. 

In my current role I supervise a large team of employed Fitness Expert team as well as manage Freelance Personal Training department

My key responsibilities are:
- Team skill building and professional development
- Gym floor satisfaction through member engagement 
- Bringing company promotions and fitness challenges to life
- Recruiting Personal Trainers and increasing PT revenue 
- Developing signature products and increasing member attendance 
- Building and maintaining top standards for gym cleanliness, member interaction, training proposition 


Book your free consultation call to find out how I can support your business

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